Evaluation of UNOPS project ‘Landmine Clearance in Cyprus Phase V’

The evaluation covered €14.3 million funding provided mainly by the EU, but also the Republic of Cyprus, Hungary, the UK, Canada, and Slovenia. Funding covered mine clearance activities from October 2004 to April 2011. The project cleared approximately 5.7 million square metres along the Green Line, including a total of 81 minefields, and it removed … Read more

Final Evaluation: UNDP ‘Improvement of Infrastructure and Support to Urban Upgrading and Socio-Economic Revitalization of northern part of Cyprus’

The evaluation covered four UNDP Partnership for the Future (PFF) programmes and seven UNDP Action for Cooperation and Trust in Cyprus (ACT). The €56 million funding covered by the evaluation was provided by the EU, the Republic of Cyprus, USAID, the Sewerage Board of Nicosia (south), and UNDP. The evaluation covered: upgrading of local urban … Read more