Review of the Results of the Agricultural Support Programme (ASP) 2003 – 2008


Agriculture Support Programme (ASP) was planned to be executed for 6 years from January 2003 to December 2008, with total funding of approximately USD 45 million. The ASP’s overall objective was poverty reduction. Increased incomes from the sale of agricultural products, and improved household food security were its subordinate objectives. ASP covered four provinces: Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern and operated in a total of 200 agricultural camps in 20 districts. The main target groups were small-scale farmers, local authorities and the local private sector. At the time of the review, ASP had worked with 44,000 farmers. The review assessed: the methods and tools used for data gathering and estimation of results achieved by ASP; the degree of confidence that could be attached to the published results; the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the Household Surveys; the methods used and conclusion drawn in the ‘ASP Benefit/Cost Analysis’.