Study: ‘Financing of Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) from the EU Budget’

The study focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of European Commission cooperation with NGOs, and the transparency of EC-NGO cooperation (extent of publication of information on beneficiaries of EC funding and use by NGOs of the EC Register of Interest Representatives. Contributed detailed analysis of NGO funding from several Commission Directorates General. Made recommendations on … Read more

Assessment of the requests of third countries to be included in the ‘List of recognised third countries’ referred to in Article 7 of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1235/2008.

This project assessed the organic standards and control systems of countries in Latin America and Asia seeking recognition of the equivalence of their organic standards & systems with those of the European Union. Roderick Ackermann developed the technical proposal and was responsible for the coordination of experts and quality assurance of numerous outputs.

Study on European initiatives on eliminating tax havens and offshore financial transactions and the impact of these constructions on the Union’s own resources and budget

The study reviewed the impact of tax havens, secrecy jurisdiction, and similar structures on the EU. It concluded that the availability of these structures constrains the EU budget and undermines the fiscal recovery of EU Member States. They distort markets by conferring advantages on large companies that engage in transfer pricing. The study recommended the … Read more