Evaluation of Norway Grants support to the implementation of the Schengen acquis and to strengthening of the judiciary in new EU and EEA member states

The evaluation covered 55 projects with funding of €120 million. 15 projects were evaluated in depth in Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Projects in this EEA & Norway Grants priority sector addressed, amongh other issues: police and border police infrastructure, IT systems, equipment and training; forensics; reception and processing of migrants at the EU’s external borders; … Read more

Evaluation of UNOPS project ‘Landmine Clearance in Cyprus Phase V’

The evaluation covered €14.3 million funding provided mainly by the EU, but also the Republic of Cyprus, Hungary, the UK, Canada, and Slovenia. Funding covered mine clearance activities from October 2004 to April 2011. The project cleared approximately 5.7 million square metres along the Green Line, including a total of 81 minefields, and it removed … Read more

Evaluation of the Frontex pilot operational office in Greece

The pilot operational office was established in 2010 following calls by EU policy making institutions for Frontex to consider the establishment of specialised branches. The evaluation was undertaken to inform the Frontex Management Board’s decision decision-making regarding the continuation of the pilot office in Greece, and the possible establishment of additional operational offices. Interviewed members … Read more