Study: ‘Financing of Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) from the EU Budget’

The study focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of European Commission cooperation with NGOs, and the transparency of EC-NGO cooperation (extent of publication of information on beneficiaries of EC funding and use by NGOs of the EC Register of Interest Representatives. Contributed detailed analysis of NGO funding from several Commission Directorates General. Made recommendations on … Read more

Update of some elements of the study ‘Democratic accountability and budgetary control of non-governmental organisations financed from the EU budget’

This was an update to a study of 2016/ 2017 (also led by Roderick Ackermann). The update found that the accessibility and quality of European Commission data on grant funding had improved significantly since 2010. There had also been positive developments since 2016, and further developments were planned. However, there were still significant constraints that … Read more