Evaluation of Norway Grants support to the implementation of the Schengen acquis and to strengthening of the judiciary in new EU and EEA member states

The evaluation covered 55 projects with funding of €120 million. 15 projects were evaluated in depth in Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Projects in this EEA & Norway Grants priority sector addressed, amongh other issues: police and border police infrastructure, IT systems, equipment and training; forensics; reception and processing of migrants at the EU’s external borders; … Read more

Evaluation of the Project Against Corruption in Albania

The €2.3 million project aimed to (1) enhance the implementation of anti-corruption policies and strategies in line with GRECO and MONEYVAL recommendations and European Partnership commitments, and (2) contribute to the prevention of corruption in the education sector by improving transparency, accountability and social participation in the education system. This evaluation was part of a wider evaluation … Read more

End of phase evaluation of the Swiss Contribution Security Thematic Funds in Romania and Bulgaria

The evaluation assessed the results and impact of two Swiss Contribution Thematic Funds that provided support to Romania and Bulgaria via 33 justice and security projects dealing with: policing; protecting victims of human trafficking; combating organised crime and corruption; judiciary; juvenile justice; non-custodial sentences; asylum and migration. The evaluation reviewed 13 projects in depth, and … Read more