Evaluation of 7 projects in Turkey awarded under two EU programmes: (1) Reproductive Health; (2) GAP Regional Development Programme

Evaluated 7 projects with total EU grants of EUR 1.7 million addressing sexual and reproductive health, cultural heritage, and agriculture. The evaluation was undertaken in the provinces of Diyarbakır, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Aydın, and Izmir, and covered the following projects: ‘Create Awareness about Sexually Transmitted Diseases Early Diagnosis of Breast and Cervix Cancer and Screening of … Read more

Review of evaluation of the World Bank funded Second Education Quality Improvement Program in Afghanistan

Reviewed the evaluation of the USD 450 million, World Bank-funded Second Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) in Afghanistan for INTEGRATION International Management Consultants. The program was implemented primarily through three main components: (1) school grants for quality enhancement, infrastructure development, and social awareness and mobilisation; (2) teacher and principal training and education, including a component aiming … Read more

Monitoring of EBRD ‘Private Sector Support Facility’ (PSSF) in Turkey

Carried out monitoring of €22.5 million EU contribution supporting implementation of five EBRD credit lines in Turkey covering energy efficiency, agriculture, and female entrepreneurs. This monitoring assignment was carried out in the framework of ‘Service Contract for a Results-oriented Monitoring system of the Implementation of Projects and Programmes of External Co-operation financed by the European … Read more

Review of report on ‘Gender Equality in Public Administration in Western Balkans – Bosnia & Herzegovina’

Reviewed the report for INTEGRATION International Management Consultants. The report screened laws in Bosnia & Herzegovina and its constituent parts for gender discrimination/ bias. It covered legislation on gender equality, family, labour, public administration and civil service. The report also assessed the policy framework for gender equality and public administration reform, as well as the … Read more