North of Tyne Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG): Programme Evaluation

The North of Tyne Fisheres Local Action Group (FLAG) was approved by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Marine Management Organisation in October 2016. It provided funding under four main priorities: 1. Development of small scale infrastructure at ports and harbours 2. Priority 2. Marketing, branding and processing 3. Training, retention, recruitment, diversification … Read more

Five Year Evaluation of the EU Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA)

Contributed a case study on the CFCA’s capacity building activities: data monitoring and networks; training, pooled capacities; and FishNet. The main focus of the case study was the development of a common curriculum for the training of fisheries inspectors. The development of the curriculum was a major, systematic, long-term undertaking intended to address the differences … Read more

Study: ‘Training of Fishers’

The study focused on the training and certification of fishers relating to health, safety, and sustainability on board. This study compared the practices and standards for the training and certification of fishers in different EU Member States and highlighted the divergence between Member States and the complexity and risks that this generates. Roderick Ackermann led … Read more